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One post precedes this, whose content did not come from me, but from someone I appreciate greatly. The current incarnation of this blog is missing the hundreds of posts that were made here in the time period of roughly 2008-2012. In this first post of this blog's revival, I want to recognize that ~51,000 views and ~700 followers as of 12/04/2016 were not produced by the content henceforth, but from content produced mostly by myself and 5 other guest authors in the past. I stopped blogging in 2012, because at the time I felt that I had touched on every topic that I could think of, and my artistic expression had been fully fulfilled. I eventually removed all the content, as much of it was very controversial, and I intended to rewrite all of it into a single coherent manuscript.

So what brings me back? Lately, I have been reorganizing my vast archive of images and content, and came across the manuscript draft I worked on in 2012-2013. The content of the draft started as a brute copy-paste of the old blog's content in its entirety; I then spent time rearranging the posts and refining the message until a sense of cogency was attained. I never finished that project for reasons unbeknownst to myself.

Reading through my uncompleted manuscript, I realized that I have gained much knowledge since 2012, and replaced (or expanded upon) many of the ideals that I shared through the prior medium. Thus, I have decided that the time has come to regenerate this blog. I begin by sharing one of my favorite alphanumeric sequences in the image above. I interpret this message from Aleister Crowley -- found in The Book of Lies - to serve as a reminder that isolating yourself from the world may be comfortable and without risk, but ultimately limiting, and never truly satisfactory.

In a way, posting a blog if a form of getting OUT. I expend energy and time here so that you, and others like you, may share a glimpse of my reality. If I should be fortunate enough, it would happen that others will post their perspectives in the comments, and symbiotic knowledge-wisdom refinement can take place. In the event that my perspective is out of tune, theory holds that it will be challenged, and perhaps replaced with a new, updated view.

Content generation will be prompted by current events, new findings of interest, and a slow-paced walk-through of all the existing blog content in digestible portions. It feels good to be back.

Objectives of this blog:
- Provide a cognitive framework for understanding the nature of the Universe.- Warn of potential negative outcomes and offer suggestions for their amelioration.- Induce creative thought and inspire innovation.- Tell interesting factoids and share useful websites.
- Increase confidence through realization of who and what we truly are.
- Inform those willing to read, so they begin to see reality in new and thought-provoking ways.

What I hope to avoid:
- Promote mindless 
recital of my thoughts to others without fully understanding for themselves and critically examining, and sometimes challenging, what I have written.
- Direct quotations of me, rather, I encourage you to use what I say as a catalyst to spawn your own writing. Try to develop ideas further in your own unique way and rewrite them in your own words.
- To directly convert you to my view and/or generate sycophants.

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